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Roll Up For Equity

Roll Up for Equity is a short documentary film that exposes San Diego’s struggle to implement a social equity program within its regulated €annab!$ industry, highlighting passionate local advocates pushing for accountability and change in America’s Finest City.

The Successful Cannapreneur

A Documentary Film

Every entrepreneur must cope with risks and uncertainty in their respective industries, but canna-preneurs (entrepreneurs in the emerging cannabis industry) face risks and restrictions that other businesses do not encounter. Imagine building your startup in an industry that’s highly regulated, extremely uncertain, heavily stigmatized, not fully permitted, and brand new for all stakeholders. The Successful Cannapreneur shares JM’s and other canna-preneurs unique stories and perspectives on how to thrive amid uncertainty and gives the viewer a front seat to witness an industry ripe with opportunities.

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Prohibition Tales

Animated Series

Unwarranted classifications of cannabis as a toxic substance began in the early 1900’s. The years that followed to date, have been characterized by groundless prohibition campaigns, including the infamous Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, the Controlled Substances Act, and the vile and racist war on drugs. All over the world, the committed advocates who avidly safe guard, cultivate, and unapologetically medicate the plant are considered civil anarchists and criminals. These are their stories.

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Cannabis Synergy

Lifestyle and Culture

A content rich resource for all things cannabis, psychedelics, culture, and community. Hosted by JM Balbuena, producer and cannabis advocate. Each month, JM, her guests, and a live audience share real stories of how cannabis has impacted wellness, lifestyle, and culture. Industry experts, advocates and influencers join us to discuss the latest trends and happenings in SoCal and the world of cannabis.

BSW Nation


Step into the metaverse of BSW Nation! Picture a digital landscape where cannabis is celebrated openly and responsibly.  Here, cannabis isn’t taboo; it’s a central part of a diverse and dynamic environment, fostering interactions, education, and experiences. Let’s immerse ourselves in a new, visionary experience.